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Have you ever thought about what would you going to do without a vacuum cleaner? All that dust and dirt on your carpets, upholstery, mattresses would be near impossible to remove without the help of that sucking machine. Not to mention if there are people with asthma and other respiratory problems in the house.

So, getting a vacuum cleaner is really important, say the carpet cleaning Twickenham experts. Of course, you need to know how to choose one as there is a variety of different types of vacuum cleaners for different purposes. Here are some specifications.

Vacuum cleaners with water filters.
Air passes through the brush, the suction tube, hose and high pressure, then enters the aqua-filter (water filter). Here it, is mixed with water. The dust remains in the water and clean air bubbles to rise. Before leaving the vacuum cleaner, it goes through an additional filter, which traps the remainings soaked in it, but not settled in the water. One of the advantages of this method of filtering is the constant suction power. Another plus is the easy disposal of dust and dirt – the dirty water is simply poured down into the drain. The air, coming out of a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter, is not only clean, but moist and that sometimes is very important.

The dirty water from the vacuum cleaner must be removed after each cleaning. On the one hand it is good to keep the hygiene in the apartment. Aqua-filter vacuum cleaners are usually larger in size than the ordinary and most common vacuum cleaners with bags. This was worth remembering in light of determining where to store the vacuum cleaner, as well as on the basis of who will use the vacuum cleaner. For example, an older person may want to operate a small vacuum cleaner with dust bag, taking into account the fact that it does not need to be cleaned after each use.

Besides designating types of vacuums, there are hybrids. They can use a bag to collect dust or turn aqua-filter, remind the carpet cleaning experts.

Steam cleaners
These are ideal for carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, general cleaning of home, cleaning tile, stone, windows and so on. These do not need any detergents and are environmentally friendly. Also, steam cleaners are the most common equipment in professional cleaning services.
The principle of the steam vacuum cleaners

The advantages of steam vacuum cleaners include floor and windows cleaning, the ability to deodorize and flavor the air, cleaning clogged sinks bathtubs. The disadvantages of these cleaners include the high price (about 2-3 times more expensive than the model for dry cleaning). These vacuum cleaners can vacuum the carpets, natural fuzzy, pieces of furniture that does not like moisture, but preferably not vacuuming hardwood floor. They are bigger in size and heavier. Some steam cleaners require additional costs for cleaning fluid and more spending power. More than half the detergent solution is deposited on the carpet and not returned to the vacuum cleaner.

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