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If you plan on visiting Singapore, you’ll enjoy mingling with the locals during these festivals. These dances symbolize attraction of good luck and wealth for those establishments. The Chinese zodiac, a twelve-year cycle, and the heavenly stems, a ten-year cycle, all coincide with the Chinese New Year. It is said that as large as the cake the year would me more prosperous. Speak here, you will doubt why Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year?

In Chinese, the upside down “Fu” means good luck came; hence, the poster is traditionally hung upside down. The New Year, according to the Chinese calendar, starts with the Spring festival and ends with Lantern festival. Anyone who will get the Chinese New Year gifts from you will have no way left but to be impressed and quite happy. Another beautiful thing made by the Chinese and is worth gifting one is the Chinese New Year cards. Both the ECB and the FED have stated that they will not raise interest rates until the recovery is on firmer ground and the economy is adding far more jobs than it currently is.

the track of the new moon changes from year to year that is why chinese new year can begin anytime between late January and mid-February. The main objective of pasting these is to please children ands also to promote the traditional Chinese values of hard work and integrity. Villagers would put out food from Nian and hang red colored lanterns, as Nian was afraid of the color red. It is said that the customs of celebration for the holiday started one year a long, long, long time ago when the monster Nian went about the country side eating people. It’s also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival (many parts of the world is still in winter though) and marks the first day of a new year (lunar calendar).

Sending out greeting cards to family and friends is a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Gold is a sign of wealth. However with the changing times, the gifts too have changed. It will take us a lot of researching to know them all because there are so many. While houses are cleaned prior to the New Year with all cleaning implements being put away afterwards, during the New Year period no dirt is swept over the threshold.

In the Philippines, Chinese Filipinos also exchange “ang pao” during their Chinese New Year. The Chinese people celebrate the occasion here with traditions and modernity. These are quite beautifully made and look really majestic. It is also said that those who have born on this day have the nature of acceptance, broadminded and daring in nature. The Lucylearns website also provides an envelope template.

Chinese New Year Feast at Seasons Caf – Celebrating the spring festival, Seasons Caf will host a lavish feast. It is enjoyed by both children and grown-ups. Asian communities in San Francisco and New York have parades, banquets, and firework shows to celebrate as they do in China. Fortunately, oranges symbolize wealth and good luck so garnish your water glasses with mandarin orange slices. The tension in Middle-East might keep investors on their toes for quite some time as Jordan and Yemen are very close to losing the control of their people too.

These banners either wish people “good luck” or display simple greetings. An integral tradition of the Chinese New Year is to give red envelopes or Lai-See’ envelopes to children by the elderly. Nian hua, a special type of painting, is used to decorate homes in preparation for the Chinese New Year Festival. Furthermore, the number nine is considered to be the luckiest number in the Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is the most celebrated festival amongst Chinese people.

For as long as you believed, nothing is wrong with the act of giving. While the Romans spread Christianity, they declared November 1 as the “All Saints’ Day”.
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