Catering During Wimledon

The Wimbledon Championships is one of the four Grand Slam events and is the oldest, most prestigious tournament in tennis world each year. That is why this tournament is the largest single annual sporting catering operation. More than 1500 people are hired to operate the catering outlets and after that Wimbledon cleaners are hired to do their job. After all the quantity of food and drink is enormous. Here are some of the required types of food:

  • 28 000 kilos of special strawberries
  • 7 000 litres of cream
  • 190 000 sandwiches
  • 135 000 ice-creams
  • 30 000 portions of chips and fish
  • 22 000 slices of pizza
  • 17 000 bottles of champagne
  • 100 000 pints of beer

To be fresh and tasty, the strawberries are picked from the highest quality farms, the day before and arrive before 6:00am, in the morning.
You can book a lunch in the Wingfield restaurant where a waitress will serve you the luncheon and afternoon tea. In the Baseline restaurant you can find delicious cold and hot menu, including drinks, salads and burgers. There are also self-service restaurants where you can find lunch, wine bar, light refreshments and of course the afternoon tea. Bars and Cafes offer to the clients freshly ground coffee, cakes, sandwiches, hot paninis, light refreshments and bar. Here you can find also a champagne, sushi and other types of seafood. You can also find a grab and go restaurants all over the place. There is food and drink for any taste.

However, after the fun comes the mess, that all visitors leave behind. In end of every day Wimbledon cleaners clean everything and prepare the courts, restaurants, cafe and bar areas for the next day and for the next thousands of people that will come to watch their favourite tennis stars and world-class matches.

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