Cashmere: Your Own Personal Metaphor

Cashmere is fantastic luxury item that everyone should have the experience of owning. Though it’s expensive for good quality, it worth the cost for with proper care it should last you for decades. While a cashmere scarf can adorn our necks, as well as our boudoirs, bedrooms, and bodies, it is also a metaphor for all things soft, luxurious, comforting, and alluring.

Isaac Stern, the famous Ukrainian-American violinist once said ‘playing a concerto with Zubin is like being surrounded by a well-loved cashmere-lined silk glove’. Zubin Mehta, an Indian orchestral conductor, must be a mastermind at his profession if he has the ability to make a musician feel so at ease. This speaks volumes about cashmere’s poetic qualities as an object of such a refined nature, for not only is pleasing to the touch, but it makes one feel protected and nurtured.

A fashion designer once said that ‘cashmere is a great fabric because it glides over problem areas, can be dressed up or down and makes you feel good and luxurious’. This speaks to cashmere’s other great trait—its ability to make anyone look pulled together and classy. It will never pull or warp and as long as it’s well-cared for, it won’t pill and will retain its shape, qualities that will always be in fashion.

Cashmere is also used as a name for other unconventional products such as soaps and perfumes, for the sensation of cashmere is also very evocative of the way something might smell or make your skin feel after it is used. Cashmere knitwear can allow one an opportunity to develop your own personal metaphor for how it makes you feel. Or, a cashmere blanket perhaps might even be a substitute for another person if you are feeling lonely: the warmth and the comfort it provides is as good as any hug you might receive. Go out feel some cashmere for yourself today and think about all the good things it reminds you of.

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