Cashmere – the Antidote to Fast Fashion?

This year has seen cashmere find favour with the fashion world – and shoppers – in a way that has taken many people by surprise. An expensive product that for many years had been a fashion staple that was formed part of the fashion world’s winter wardrobe without ever gaining a whole lot of attention, it suddenly became the ‘must have’ material for anyone looking for a new scarf, pair of gloves, or even a sweater or cardigan. In a world where shoppers have had to tighten their collective belts, a sudden passion for luxury fabrics seems a little strange.

But the sudden rush of shoppers to cashmere boutiques does actually make sense if you see it as an antidote to the ‘fast fashion’ that has dominated the high street for the last few years.

While shoppers have recently been happy to snap up mega-bargains that will be worn one day, thrown out the next; it is perhaps unsurprising that shoppers have started to look for at least a few wardrobe items that they might actually be able to wear for longer than just a couple of nights out. And while cheap fabrics may be all well and good when you don’t really care how long they last for, sometimes we all want to invest in something that both looks and feels a little more luxurious.

Those bargains no longer seem so cheap when we are having to overhaul the entire contents of our wardrobes on a monthly basis, and high end cashmere more than justifies its high price tag when we think about the fact that it will last for years, not just weeks.

Few fashion watchers would claim that cashmere is going to become the major component of the public’s collective wardrobe, but it is clear that there is an increasing demand for fabrics that both look and feel like an antidote to the ‘build ‘em cheap, stack ‘em high’ fashion items that have come to dominate the way we dress.

Cashmere is a genuinely classy material that feels every bit as wonderful as it looks, and the public’s sudden fashion for the cashmere fashion looks like an enduring trend rather than a passing fad.

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