Cashmere is Very Kind

When cutting-edge world famous interior designer Philippe Starck got into fashion he did it with cashmere. He started a low profile brand in association with a Scottish cashmere company launching an initial collection of 60 pieces. At that moment, he declared that his intention was to enter the fashion system doing an anti-fashion label and the interesting point here is why he has chosen cashmere to reach that objective.

The French creator, absolutely successful in innovative decoration that includes the most celebrated hotels and restaurants in the world, has always stand away from fashion as he doesn’t agree the obsessive cycle of consumerism it encourages and the waste of resources that come together with unlimited and careless clothing production. The remarkable thing about Philippe Starck is that the day that he decided to jump from furniture and lamps to clothing, he didn’t forget about his principles (and previous declarations).

His intention was to create a low profile fashion brand able to dis-attend the commands of the press, a classic style with timeless items that ignore the latest trends. He declared once: “Let’s hope fashion in design will disappear. There is a lack of respect when the media says ‘You must be dressed in pink,’ and six months later ‘You must dress in green’ ”. To cut down this kind of manipulation, Starck offered waterproof cashmere pieces that transcend the season.

As long as it has a contemporary cut, cashmere knitwear can pass the test of time, leaving users no reason to move on to the new key winter item. This natural fabric can promotes sustainability by removing the desire to consume. Wearing garments that last more than one winter, like a high quality cashmere sweater, customers can help to stop the vicious circle of fashion. Starck’s challenged fashionistas to abandon their high-turnover wardrobes for timeless textiles, bringing benefits for their pockets and the entire society.

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