Carpet Cleaning Tips

Regular carpet cleaning prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on a carpet. It also significantly reduces the amount of allergens in a home, and prolongs the life of the carpeting. It is important to know how properly to maintain a carpet in order to preserve it looking great.
Vacuum your carpet daily to remove any dirt, debris and dust settled into the carpet. Move the vacuum in all direction for better cleaning. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas. Vacuum the carpet edging and baseboards once in a week.
Removing Spills
Attend to the spill as soon as possible to prevent the spillage from setting into the carpet, causing a stain. Dab at the area repeatedly with a clean cloth or paper towels to soak up as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Use a spray bottle filled with plain water to wet the spillage area. Blot the stained area with a clean rag to lift the stain from the carpet. It is not always necessary to use harsh chemicals when conducting carpet cleaning.
Protective Equipment
Most commercial carpet cleaners contain hazardous chemicals. Always put rubber gloves and dust mask when using such cleaners to protect your health.
Avoid Saturating the Carpet
Always make sure that the water from carpeting is properly extracted. Avoid using too much water as it may soak down to the carpet padding, creating mildew, mould and bad odor problems. Carpeting can shrink from over-saturating it during the carpet cleaning process.
Steam Cleaning or Carpet Shampooing
Vacuum the carpet before shampooing or steam cleaning it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up your cleaning equipment. It is advisable to sue mild cleaners for residential homes. Ventilate the area you are cleaning by opening the windows and turning on fans. Test a small, hidden area before using the cleaning solution on the entire carpet. Once you have shampooed the carpet, fill the shampoo machine with cool water and rinse out the cleaning solution to prevent it from attracting dirt. Make sure to fully extract the water from the carpeting.
Dry or Foam Cleaning
Vacuum the carpet, then apply the dry or foam cleaner according to the instructions on the product’s label. Wait for 30 minutes and vacuum up the cleaner from the carpet. You may need to vacuum more than once to remove the cleaner completely.

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