Carpet Cleaning Steps for Successful Stain Removal

Although different stains require different treatment, there are a few carpet cleaning steps you can follow to remove carpet stains successfully. Here they are:

1) When it comes to stain removing, you should act immediately after the stain occur. Start by blotting the stain with several paper towels or a clean, white cloth. If there are any solids, scoop them with spoon or knife.

2) Take the carpet cleaning detergent you’re going to use to treat the stain and test it on a small, invisible spot of the carpet. Wait for 2-3 minutes to ensure that it doesn’t cause discolouring. If the cleaner passes the test, then you can proceed to the next step.

3) Apply the solution on a clean cloth, then blot the stained area of the carpet. Carpet cleaning experts advise you not to apply any cleaning products directly on the carpet.

4) Ensure that you don’t over-wet the stain, because excess liquid can lead to mould growth.

5) When treating the stain, ensure that you work from the edge of the stain to its centre. Thus, you’ll prevent the dirt from spreading.

6) Sponge the carpet area with clear, tepid water to rinse. Be careful not to over-wet the carpet and don’t rub it.

7) Blot with paper towels or an absorb water to remove excess moisture.

8) To finish the carpet cleaning procedure, allow the carpet completely dry, before allowing anybody to step on the treated area of the carpet.

These are the eighth carpet cleaning steps you should follow for successful stain removal.

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