Carpet Cleaning Instead of Staying in Front of the Computer

Think about the way modern kids live. They stay in front their laptops doing absolutely nothing but subscribing and tagging photos. However, there are parents that approve such behaviour and they even tolerate it. They describe it as safer than outdoor activities and therefore better for their kids. I personally have some objections about that.

1St – the Internet is everything but safer than the streets. All kinds of people can be met in the web and the worst part is that you have no way to find out who you are talking with.
2Nd – even if the kid is talking with really friendly people, it is still not moving. Sitting on a chair for 12 hours is not even close to healthy. This is part of the reason for the overweighted kids we are all familiar with.

What to do? How to deal with that problem? Well, it is actually very simple. You just have to make some rules and along that some alternatives. Make a schedule about the time in front of the computer – maximum 2 hours a day. This means that approximately 8 to 10 hours of the time of your kid will become free.

Here are some suggestions about filling the time gap.

Carpet cleaning – The kids hate it, but once it became an obligation they will start doing it. However, this is not only good by keeping them away from the computer but also for their education. They have to be responsible and the cleaning can certainly help you with that.
Tell the kid that each day the whole flat should be vacuum cleaned and if not then there will be no computer. This will make them work for their pleasures – just like in the real life.
On top of that some schedule about washing should be done also involving some efforts from the kid.
Dusting – each day and everywhere.
Books – they improve the imagination of the child. If you succeed to make your kid read books in its spare time, this is more than good.
Sports – of course, other wonderful opportunity.

Now, when the kid is doing all that – carpet cleaning, dusting and washing for a week or more without misses, you’d better prize him/her with something. Take him/her out to a picnic in the countryside, for example. The kids love the nature, but they have very little opportunities to see it.

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