Carpet Cleaning Experience

Most important tips you should now, about carpet cleaning are: vacuuming, how to keep the carpet with fresh smell, spills and spots. If you thought carpet cleaning is an easy process, you are wrong. For better and more efficient cleaning I’ll share with you some good tips, about carpet problems you may or may not have.

1.Steam cleaner. Use some detergent on the carpet and follow the steam cleaner. Do not forget that you have to vacuum the carpet, before deep cleaning it. Make sure that you insure a good ventilation for the carpet and don’t walk on it, while it is wet. If you want your carpet to look like brand new, after cleaning it, apply these tips and your carpet will look like new, for longer.

2.Vacuum carpets. If you have high traffic area, you must vacuum your carpets very often, at least once per week. You should allow the vacuum cleaner to clean all the deep dirt places on the carpet, in the room. Cleaners Melbourne advice to move the vacuum very slowly. If you notice a strange and bad odour just add backing soda to the vacuum bag. If your carpet is plush, you have to vacuum the same area few times.

3.Spills and spots. If you see some stain on your carpet, you have to clean it immediately! You know, all the time the carpet has spills or other spots on it. Never rub the spill, because you will increase its size . Take a clean towel and blot the spill. After that, if it’s necessary, you might tread it with appropriate cleaning product. Do not forget to work from the outside to the inside of the spot.

If you spill accidentally red wine on the carpet, just dilute it with white wine and cold water. For pet urine spots, apply some detergent with one teaspoon of vinegar and warm water.

Take care for your carpet! It requires special treatment and you can’t allow yourself to lose it, because of your negligence. Call home cleaning Melbourne, if you can’t do it by yourself.


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