Care of Vacuum Cleaners

Your vacuum cleaner is probably the appliance, which you use the most in house cleaning. Good vacuum cleaners are usually expensive. Paying a lot of money, you should take a good care of your vacuum cleaner. You’d better get as much as you can out of the machine. Extending its lifetime could be achieved only if you do certain things with the machine regularly.

I had very stubborn stains on my carpet once. I called carpet cleaning Melbourne to deal with them professionally. I asked how to take care of my vacuum cleaner, so that I can use it for longer time and I got a very good advice. Here it is.

First of all, you need to be provided with some stuff. It includes a bucket, mild soap, warm water, screwdriver and white grease.

Then, you can start with cleaning the vacuum cleaner. Yes, it also needs cleaning! You should clean the container and filters every time after using the machine. If bags are used, replace them regularly. It is also very important to clean the brush, if the vacuum cleaner is upright. Make sure that there is no trash inside the head. It could make the motor run harder.

The motor is the heart of your vacuum cleaner. That is why you need to keep it in a good shape by greasing it. Check the place of the motor in the user’s manual. Take off the main panel with your screwdriver. Locate the metal cap, where you will find ball bearings. Apply manually a small amount of the grease to them.

There is also another thing you can do for your vacuum cleaner. If the cleaning height of the machine is adjustable, set it to the height of your carpet. The vacuum needs more space to be able to clean better. So, you shouldn’t set the height lower than the carpet.

Extending the life of your vacuum cleaner will save you some money. You will no need to buy a new one soon. According to carpet cleaners Melbourne, taking a good care it regularly will also make your cleaning much more effective.

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