Cancer: Just treat it like another disease

With Chemotherapy, you could: a: lose your appetite: b: feel so tired that you will have difficulty to eat: c: find it difficult to keep food down: d: have a sore throat and mouth.
Body: If you are suffering from cancer: These could help: Try and be positive. Don’t let it get the better of you. Try not to let the initial reactions to your appearance bother you. For e.g. after chemo sessions, you may start losing hair. Randomly people would stare at you. They would walk right up to you and stare at you with their eyes transfixed. Let this not bother you. Just treat it like another disease like extended malaria. One often feels far worse when suffered with malaria and jaundice. Thank God for his blessings. Thank God for your breath. Thank God for what you have.
Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of fluids on daily basis to avoid dehydration. Choose high protein, high calorie foods and drinks. Eat at every 2 hours and sip fluids throughout the day. Choose easy- to- chew- and – swallow foods. Gradually introduce solid foods as you go along.
If you have a friend or know someone who is suffering from cancer: first gauge the patient’s state of mind. Make your conversations as normal as possible. Since you may not know how you would react to any given situation unless you go through it. People suffering from cancer aren’t so strong. Divert his/her mind. Don’t talk about it. Think what you would like to say and you would want to behave. Do all this carefully. Gift the patient. Believe in the power of gifts. Any gift, however small really helps. Hug the patient, try to imagine the way he/she feels about a particular situation. Imagine the way he/she would be going through. However try not to make him / her feel that he/she is the centre of all attraction. Cancer patients are and really get tired of advices, so please don’t advice every now and then. It may also be good of friends and colleagues to update them about the things happening around them.
Imagine trading places with the patient. What would want from the family, friends and colleagues? If you are not sure as to what to say, don’t say. Errors are bound to happen. If by any chance you have caused hurt or mistake make sure to apologise. Get a bottle of moisturiser. Skins often get dry after sessions of chemotherapy and injections. Do your best and try and offer your sincere efforts so that you can help the patient to restore some control into his/her life.
Cancer is a complex and a frightening disease. The chemo sessions physically lowers their white blood count wherein their immunity levels dips to great extent. Cancer patients go through intrusive, often insensitive comments and awkward gestures from people close to them. Mentally everything changes for these patients. They often have no control over their emotions. They become irate and get irritated easily. Some feel that they are always in someone’s hands. The smallest things could make them cry. They often have no idea as to what is really happening. Friends, relatives and colleagues can be of great help by being always there for these patients since it is the connection always matters. So be with them for a cause and further try and support the cause.

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