Call Canada and Find the Love

Do you know what kind of problem do the Canadian women have? They are lack of men.

You might think that I am joking but I am not. Here are the statistic: Canada males : 15475970 females: 16136925, this means that to every 100 men there are 102 women, which if we think on a bigger scale means that a lot of women are alone.

However, if you think that you can help then make some cheap calls to Canada and ask for a girl from there.

So, is this a real problem or not? What is the situation in the other countries and how they are dealing with this sort of problems?

Well, in Russia for example, this sort of problem is very old but the nation is still there and it seams not to be a real problem. However, while in Canada the problem has not a specific explanation, in Russia the reason is because of the Second World War. Then, during the war and mostly during the occupation of the Russian cities, over 22 million men were killed. Even today if you go there and ask a woman about her grandfather or uncle or other male member of the family, you will almost certainly will see tears in her eyes, because of the death of one of these men. According the statistics, every family in Russia has a member who gave his life in the name of the country in the war.

However, Canada has not been in a major war from a long time and on top of that, military actions were not performed on its ground from even longer, so the reason for the few men is not that, but what it is, the scientists are still trying to find out.

So, if you think to call Canada and go there on a vacation and you are a male, you almost certainly will have the chance to find yourself a woman, because of the low competition. Good luck!

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