Buying A Yacht

       Anyone that has ever had a wish for privacy and freedom has wanted to own their own yacht, but what you’ve got to remember is that you don’t need bags of excess cash to buy your own boat – you can team up with other fans of sailing and buy one together. It’s not like you are always going to be using said vessel, so if you think you might spend a quarter of the year using it, get three other people to split the cost with so that you save yourself money at the same time as ensuring that the boat is always being used and so remains seaworthy.
There are loads of ways to go about forming a yacht share scheme. If you know other sailing enthusiasts, have a chat with them and find out if they might be up for forming a boat share club. If not, have a look online and you will immediately find numerous forums where you can go about developing such a deal. Another good idea is to have a chat to work colleagues, as this is the ideal kind of relationship for sharing what is essentially a property. Once you begin trying to start the conversations you will soon find that more than most are keen on buying a share in a yacht because of the freedom that owning one can provide.
Even if you can afford to buy your own boat, a yacht-sharing scheme is still the best way to go about indulging your sailing hobby because it means that you can own shares in various boats all over the world. This means that you won’t have to shell out loads of your hard earned cash transporting your yacht from one side of the globe to the other because wherever you are holidaying, you will have access to one of the boats that you part-own.

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