Bucharest: Revolution Square

One of the most important pieces of history in the city of Bucharest, the Revolution Square still stands in its full glory. The place has a huge significance in the development of the country and reserves a place of pride in the heart of every Romanians. The square was renowned as the headquarters of the Communist Party that ruled Romania. However, on December 21, 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu, the then President of the country was thrown off the power in this very place. He watched in horror, as people came in the streets and revolted against his regime. He had no option but to flee the crowd in his helicopter. However, he was soon captured outside the city and the Communist Party lost its place of prominence in Romania.

The place itself has become a must see for all the visitors in the country. The region housing the Revolution Square has other attractions like the Royal Palace, Romanian Athenaeum, Athenee Palace Hotel and Kretzulescu Church. Therefore tourists coming to the city prefer to stay in and around the square.  A lot of hotels have come up around the square. For luxury hotel Bucharest offers a number of exciting options, and these are generally cheaper even than other Eastern European destinations.  For  luxury hotels Bucharest has options which range from $60-$140 a night depending upon the exact specifications and amenities.

The history of the place attracts the travelers to the square. Some of the old buildings have been turned to hotels that give the travelers a feeling of the past. This helps them to connect with the history of the city. The Revolution Square has played a big part in the development of the city and the country. It has been always a symbol of revolution for the people of the country and has continued to contribute towards the economic development by attracting the tourists.

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