Bonnet Dry Cleaning for Suede and Velvet Upholstery

Natural fabrics and leather like suede and velvet are very pretentious when it comes to cleaning them. Not all methods and chemical available on the market are suitable ones so you need to read some literature or consult with somebody more experiences before taking up the upholstery cleaning process if you want the surfaces around your house to be immaculately cleaned.

Suede cleaning methods are just a couple while for velvet cleaning the options are a bit more. Both of those materials, however,  can be cleaners using the bonnet dry cleaning method. This is exactly why a bit of an information about it will be enlisted here to help those who have decided to give it a try, and get rid of the dirt and dust in their homes.  You can also encounter this type of cleaning under the name of spin pad or absorbent pad or carbonated shampoo cleaning.

Although it is a type of dry cleaning it is not absolutely dry and resembles hard floor buffing applying carpet and upholstery  cleaning methods.The process consists of application of bonnet cleaning solution over the dirty patches or the entire upholstery and then the rotating absorbent bonnet , which is usually cotton or rayon comes into play.  It is important that it works at a very low speed when cleaning suede and velvet as otherwise the delicate materials can be damaged.

The equipment should be professional because a weak motor will not survive the high friction mode that it needs to work on when doing bonnet cleaning. But what is the most important aspect of the bonnet cleaning is the special drive block required to keep the bonnet or pad (where the dirt is actually collected) from slipping off. So make sure that whoever you book to perform this service for you has this device.

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