Bloody Carpet

Cleaning carpet is too hard, right? Face with difficult cleaning stains and sometimes even you have to buy a new carpet. I know this is not the proper way to have a new carpet, but if the stain is too though and you cannot handle it, you don’t have other choice. You can hire a cleaning company, but sometimes this is not a good idea.

The most common stains are the bloody stains. They are very hard for cleaning and almost every time you cannot remove them. I’ll try to give you good advice, which is the right way to clean them. As soon as you notice the stain you should soak it with cold water.

One method for carpet cleaning is with mix of non-alkali detergent and cold water. Put a small part of the solution on the stain. Start to wipe drying the stain and do not stop while the spot is gone.

If you have wool carpet mix ammonia with water and sponge the stain with the mix. After that you can repeat the previous cleaning solution. Or you can put an absorbent pad over the stain, leave it until liquid comes out.

You can clean carpet blood stains in the same way like cloth blood stains. Use a lemonade or tonic water, they are very good removers (they react with the proteins in the blood). Unfortunately, you cannot apply this cleaning solutions on a dry stain, it has to be “new one”. Wait for a few minutes and clean the stain with a clean cloth. Try to avoid rubbing directly on the affected area.

Sydney cleaning company can tell you a natural cleaning method for blood cleaning. You might use a spit! Yes, a spit. The enzymes in it will help to degrade the proteins in the blood. You can remove small stains with the mix of spit and cold water.

If that information is not enough for you it will be good idea to ask Sydney cleaning services, they will give you the best advices.


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