Black Mold Disaster

Black Mold is one of the most dangerous grime in your house. When you notice first symptoms of mold you should take the right measures. Some of the damages it may cause are: asthma, chronic sinus infection, allergies and etc. Good thing is that you can remove the black mold forever. I’ll try to share with you my experience.

First you have to do is to find the leak. You need to find and fix the cause of moisture. The bad disease can start to occur in less than 2 days. So you have to be very fast. Do not allow mold to spread. When you remove the mold source, keep the humidity under 55 %. Next thing you have to do is to seal the room. Be very careful with that, because black mold spores travel in the air and if your room is not sealed the effect of the mold cleaning will be none. Even worse the mold will spread all over your house. To make it easier use  plastic sheets and duct tape. It is good to cover all doors, vents and other parts of the house where the mold can reach. Other good method to keep the mold outside is to put a fan near the window. It will create negative pressure which will pull the air outside. Also turn off the air conditioner to prevent air during the cleaning.

The last step you can make is to clean the mold. When you start cleaning the problem areas is good to moister them to prevent the mold from spreading, but the rest of the room needs to be dried. After that use a spraying bottle, which contains soap mixed with water. Clean all around the mold spots. After the cleaning you could use a disinfectant to kill the invisible spores. If you have any difficulties you can consult with Sydney cleaning company, they will help you any time.

By following these tips you will get rid of the mold permanently and even Sydney cleaners will ask you “How did you do that?”.

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