Binding or non-binding estimate, the choice is up to you

Have you ever heard of binding estimate and non-binding estimate, well don’t answer that I will for you with the following article.

You want to move your residence from one place to another and to do that you should approach a moving company that will assist you along the way. First of all there are countless companies in the market nowadays since this sort of a business has grown drastically fast. To be sure that a moving company provides you with the best possible moving services during your move collect some moving estimates from different firms. Thus you will see for yourself how different movers are today. Some provide high rate services other way too low and that can confuse some part of us. Why confuse you say, well for those of you that aren’t aware not all moving business are legal, yes there are some rouge movers out there. The majority of us for which it’s a first time experience will most certainly go for the lowest price possible no matter how unbelievably low it may seem. Trust is a issue when our stuff are at stake and in industry of removals cheaper is considered bad.


There is a certain pattern which movers apply when a potential client contacts them. They send a representative to their household who will inspect it to see what exactly will be moved and thus to provide you with an estimate of what your move should cost. This sort of a thing is free.


To get an accurate estimate from the moving company about how much will your move cost it’s very important that you give the salespeople as much information as possible. The quotes and estimates give you a basic idea of how much your move will cost. After that you will be faced with the decision on either a binding or non-binding estimate.


I will be short about these two types of estimates. First the binding estimate. The name speaks for itself, the cost for your move is that what it was mentioned in the first agreement. It won’t change no matter the circumstances, weight, size and other things considered to your shift. Unfortunately that is not the case with the non-binding estimates. You might have figured it out by now that your price can vary from that of the agreement you signed. Different factors are in play here, which is why if you have picked this sort of an estimate be sure that you read the policy by which the moving company carries their moves. Your final cost can change depending on the distance of your move, any unseen detours, delays, size, overall weight of your stuff and other that are similar.

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