Big Cleaning Was Necessary When Her Parents Came

A day with my girlfriend’s parents is like a test for my surviving skills. I feel like I have been tested all the time and the reason is probably I really am. The mother wants to find the best man possible in order to be sure that her daughter will be happy and satisfied.

Well, this puts some pressure on me, as you can guess, but till this moment I’ve always succeed to answer their high expectations in the best way. However, the last time when they came I was so close from ruing up everything, but fortunately I got lucky, so now everything is all right.

Here is what happened:

My mobile phone broke, so my girl was not able to call me when she was informed by her parents for their upcoming visit. So, when I got home form work, late at night, very tired and exhausted, the piece of news I got was slightly unpleasant.
However, we had no other choice but to give our best and to clean the place in such a way that her mother to be happy. So, I grabbed the carpet and went out on the yard in order to beat it. The results were not the highest you can imagine because it was too late at night and I had to be pretty quite.
So, there was so much carpet cleaning in front of me, and I was so lack of ideas that I even felt a bit worried. Therefore, I went on the internet looking for cleaning inspiration. Fortunately I found some and performed most of the tip I found there.

Vacuum cleaning. This was the first thing I did. All the writers were unanimous on that first step, so I followed it strictly. After that, I had to deal with some old stains. One of the stains was caused by catchup. It was pretty stubborn, but I managed to remove it. I just pretreated it with some dish-washing detergent and when it was ready I applied some dry cleaning solvent. All that took me no more than an hour, but the results were very good. Then I just leaved it out in order to dry and in the morning it was clean and dry.
All the other smaller things were done by my girl earlier, when I was on work.

So, without using the professional carpet cleaning London companies’ services, we managed to deal with all the cleaning and to welcome our dear guests in a perfectly cleaned and wonderful smelling home.

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