Better with Age

Sometimes you are dealt a hand in life that seems too good to be true. Growing up, I had all the problems that most kids do: thinking my parents treated me unfairly, wanting to fit in, and anything else that is associated with growing up in a small town. Yet, as I aged I began to realize that my parents had my best interest in mind, and they were merely looking out for me. I soon began to notice a change in our relationship after I attended university. I no longer feared what my parents thought of me, as I was doing my own thing, and they had raised me well. They began to respect my decisions, and inquire into my interests. Our relationship had turned from slave and owner, to good friends. I never thought that I would be able to say that, especially if I remember all the times I had been grounded for staying out too late, or coming home smelling of alcohol. Regardless, I feel as though I can approach my parents with ease now and not fear the consequences.
My parents and I are on the same page now. So much so, that I travel with them on a regular basis. On our last trip we stayed at one of those London hotels near Olympia, and I discovered that my mother does like to partake in a cocktail every once and a while. The hotel tower bridge London was so inviting, and we did spend much time there just talking and hanging out. I wish I could have explored more of the London hotels near Olympia as I think they provide their guests with outstanding services. Yet, in the long run, our hotel Tower Bridge London enabled us to not only catch up, but to strengthen out relationship. It just goes to show how some things only get better with age.

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