How to Clean Your Laptop

A long time ago, I didn’t know how to clean my laptop. It was so dirty and I’ve tried so many cleaners, hoping that they are actually going to work. Then, I decided to contact a professional from cleaning London services and ask him for some cleaning tips on how to clean my laptop properly and effectively.

If you use your laptop in the office, then you just have to keep it clean and looking professional, because otherwise, you might have a problem with your boss. In this article, cleaners in Kingston upon Thames are going to share with you how to clean your laptop properly and safely. Read the easy-to-learn steps below and follow the guidelines.

1.The first thing that you have to do when you clean a machine, it’s to turn it off and unplug it. The same rule applies to your laptop. Before you start clean it, make sure that your computer is turned off.

2.Start the real cleaning part by blowing as much of the surface dust as possible using a can of compressed air. Then, cleaning London experts explain that you should use the same method to clean the smaller particles of dirt between the keys. Wipe the surface of the keyboard, using a slightly damp cloth and make sure that you won’t damage the laptop.

3.Use a proper cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the screen. Cleaners London advise you to use circular motions to prevent any streaks.

4.Use the method above to clean the body of the computer.

5.Cleaning London experts recommend that you should clean the ports on your laptop using a few cotton buds. Then, you should spray each one of the ports with the compressed air. Apply the same procedure to clean the computer’s fan.

6.Now, you should clean the CD drive. Open the drawer and spray again with compressed air.

For more tips on how to clean your laptop, you can contact the cleaners from Kingston Vale who can give you more details and to answer to all of your questions.

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