Best Way to Clean Grease from Clothes

Although you know many ways for cleaning different types of stains form clothes, sometimes you have only a little chance to remove grease from clothes, if you don’t know the right steps you need to take. That’s why reading the following article will guide you through this challenge and will help you see your beautiful cloth  clean again!

At the very beginning cleaners Chinatown advise you to find a good flat surface where you can lay your cloth and start treating it. A good work in this case can provide the baby powder. It is very effective when works together with an absorbent on the grease stained area on your cloth. So, when you apply them both, let to stay for some time, so the absorbent can soak up the stain. A good cleaner is also the salt, if you don’t have special baby powder. Once the absorbent has soaked up, remove what is left from it with a brush or a cloth.

Prepare the cloth for laundering. You probably know that detergents are known as good in removing stains, but there is one even better and more effective and this is the dish-washing liquid. Apply enough quantity from it on the grease stain and let it set for several minutes. If you want you can pour just a little warm water in the liquid to create an extra moisture.

Then comes the part when the stain needs a good rubbing. However, the trick here given from cleaners Chinatown is to rub the grease stain from the opposite stain, so make sure before start doing it, turn the cloth on its other side and then work it. Use a toothbrush and rub until you see the grease lift from the fabrics.

Now, clothes are ready to be washed in the hottest temperature water in the washer. After washing there should be no remaining grease stains. However, if they are too stubborn and you see them even after washing, you need to repeat the steps with brushing, so they can be removed at all. This may happen in case the stain has been on the cloth for very longer time.

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