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If you’re in the market to buy TV stands and you want to get one that’s appropriate for both your TV and your home, then you need to form a plan. This buying guide will help you narrow down your choices, find a TV stand that you’ll love, and choose a place to buy it. Learn everything you need to know about buying TV stands right here.

Know What You Need: TV Stand or Entertainment Center

Before you even start looking for TV stands, you need to decide what kind of stand you are looking for. This will depend largely on the size of your TV and the size of the room where the TV is located. The two most common types of stands are the basic TV stand and the entertainment centre. However, you may also choose not to get a stand at all and mount your television instead.

TV Cabinet: TV cabinets, also known as armoires, generally allow you to store a number of components, such as DVD players and speakers, in addition to the TV. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of televisions and to fit different room arrangements.

TV Cart: A cart is a wheeled TV stand that allows you to move your television as needed. Whether you need to shift the angle of your television when the sun glares on it during a certain time of day or you wish to watch TV from a different room, a cart can fit your needs as a moveable stand. In the early days of TV when connectivity with cable was not an issue, carts were the norm, making a family’s one and only TV set portable.

Corner TV Stand: Corner TV stands are shaped to fit into the corner of a room. Choosing one of our corner stands allows you to use up less space in the room than you would with traditional TV stands.

Entertainment Center: Like a cabinet, an entertainment center provides storage space for both a TV and its components. Entertainment centers generally provide features to accommodate a variety of multi-media equipment. There are a number of different sizes and configurations that you can choose for your entertainment center.

Plasma TV Stand: Because a plasma TV is so different in size and shape from an older cathode-ray TV, a different TV stand is optimal. A plasma TV stand can be much smaller and still accommodate a plasma TV, or the stand can serve as a storage place for all your TV components when you mount the TV itself on a wall.
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Visit your favourite furniture store or supplier and look through their inventory. You can also shop for TV stands , dining sets and coffee tables conveniently through the Internet. Most large furniture retailers have set up online stores, where you can browse through a wide variety of TV stands quickly and conveniently.

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