Best Tips for College Students London 2012

The key to take the most of your time in the college is to find the best student or just the right for you accommodation. I shall try to help people like college students in few short and simple tips. How to find student flats in London, from many prices and tastes.

I will present you now ten tips in order to make you easy on your choice, and remember to have one thing in mind, after the contract for lease is over and you have to move to another place, end of tenancy cleaning is a must, and often this happens to be hard task for the most college students, thus they are turning head for commercial cleaning services.

1. In most times the location is most important for students. Students prefer to rent a flat located in more central locations near their campus, to minimise the travel and the costs, including the congestion charge for central London. Wherever you choose make sure there are easy and reliable transport links – you don’t want to be late for class!

2. Often, a college student will move to a place, which is totally unknown to him. Thus, it is a must task to do research on the new neighbourhoods thoroughly, meaning of which local amenities, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, libraries, leisure facilities. Your life experience is about your time spent outside of the campus and as the time you spend inside.

3. Sometimes people describe London as a series of ‘villages’, and each with unique look and atmosphere. There is a chance of course, that you will not find the information you need in one place, so just look around. Make sure to find the right supplies to get the full picture of what you should expect for your money.

4. Like every student, I bet that you are eager to move out from your parents and enjoy the freedom that lies before you. The thing is, after two months living on your own, you will feel that you missed your family and all the comforts in your home. Thus, it is advised to think about a spare room, if you have the intention hosting guests in future.

5. For most young people, like me, it was stressful at some point to move overseas, yet there is also excitement. The universities and colleges, often have the resources to help international students in their language and accommodation. You can find relevant information at the British Council near Charing Cross.

6. There is no such thing as universal “student accommodation”. For each person there is different needs, when comes to accommodation to meed their demands. Little do know foreigners about that, London is high-speed city, a busy city, so a place to get away from the noise is a must.

7. As me, most of the newborn students prefer to have a room of their own, which gives some privileges – you can control when there is peace and quiet and get a break from the ‘university environment’.

8. You must consider the feeling of the certain place that you would like to live in. The history of London shows that many students lend flats in London in a vast array of architectural styles and features. You will find loft style living, open plan styles and more traditional homes. Think about that, your home must be your fort, so the feel is definitely important.

9. As you may not know, but during the process your needs may and it is more likely to change throughout this venture. The transport may change, or sharers may like to try having their own space, or vice versa! Always be flexible, and act fast to respond adequately if the situation has changes unexpectedly.

10. The final stage – moving to the new city can seem daunting. London is a great place to live and study, but still it’s a metropolis. Make sure your new pad has all the appropriate services, security and insurances. And last but not least, have one in mind, that when you move out maybe you shall need cleaning services for end of tenancy cleaning, to get back your deposit money.

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