Beating the Crunch One Deal at a Time

The phrase ‘credit crunch’ and other similar sound bites have been overused to the point where they all just seem to blur into one, yet it’s undeniable that many people are feeling the squeeze of tighter wallets and smaller budgets. In this time of scrimping and trading, it’s no surprise that certain enterprising services have appeared which consumers can use to still treat themselves to something a little special, even if there’s not much money to spare at the end of the week!

Most of these services are accessible online, and there’s a certain worry for people who aren’t necessarily that trusting of ‘unique special deals’ and unexpected ‘lottery wins’ offered to them over the Internet. Nevertheless, as long as some discretion is used, there’s definitely some bargains to be had! One of the most interesting ways to get yourself some cheaper treats is to scour the daily group-buying deal websites, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Group-on, which currently has more than 115 million subscribers! The basic idea behind these sites is that buying joining a group of people in buying a product or service, you can get the manufacturer or provider to offer you all a discount. These sites will present you with a list of possible deals.

Occasional bad reviews of such sites tend to revolve around the fact that any vouchers (especially on Groupon) need to be purchased in advance and up front, and customers can remember or misread the deal that they’re paying for. When you’re buying something online it’s easy to forget that there will be definite terms and conditions attached. Don’t fall foul of short expiry dates – use them while they’re hot!

Of course, there are many other sites around attempting to do what Group-on has done so successfully. Some of these offer consumers the opportunity to pay when they actually use their purchased service, rather than in advance, which gives the potential purchaser a bit more control of the money that they’re spending. Reading a review of Huddlebuy or Scout-mob, for example, will reveal either free of charge deals or the on-use payment option which can significantly reduce the chance of simply throwing your money away.

It’s worth remembering too that there are a whole range of specialist sites out there catering to different tastes. Why not try Fab if you’re into cool knick-knacks for your kitchen, or Savored if you’re into eating out. Group-on has a lot of choice and some brilliant deals, but the market for similar sites that can take a little bite out of the credit crunch is definitely opening up!

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