Be Informed About The Variables of Your Move

The nowadays consumers aren’t well enough informed about the things they purchase. When we are talking about movers there isn’t much of a difference. Which is why people who are willing to hire a moving company to help them relocate should be familiar with some things when hiring such services. With the following tips one can also protect himself from rogue or fraudulent movers.

The biggest concern for consumers is the fee which they have to pay, no matter if we are talking about moving services or anything else. Moving companies charge in two different ways – flat and hourly rate.


In the hourly rate is included a minimum amount for which the particular job will be done, such as two, three or more. That also includes when the company sends staff to your house for the pick-up, also referred as a “one-time tip” charge.


All the circumstances surrounding the move are included in the flat rate, carefully read the contract as additional charges may apply. Such as if the distance from the truck to your place is more than the movers have anticipated, if there are additional items which were not included in the original shipment and etc.


When you approach moving services make sure you investigate who will be moving your things. Ask is the company a broker, if it is that would mean that they will hire another moving company to move your household. That way you have no knowledge for the people who will be handling your move. If they turn out to be a broker ask them for details about the moving company they will hire to move you.


Be up to date when you move, everything can become additional value to your final bill. For instance if you have a sub entrance to your house make sure that it’s big, because if the the truck the moving company sends doesn’t fit. That would require from them to dispatch another truck that is smaller.

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