Be Creative, Deodorize with Backing Soda

There are many ways to deodorize your home, but most of them require a lot of money and also use chemical-based products. A few people know, that these commercial deodorizers contain toxins that can cause allergic reactions and asthma. Backing soda is common house-hold ingredient that has many uncommon uses, one of them is deodorizing. Using backing soda to remove all unpleasant odors and smells is cheap and effective way to clean and freshen up your house.

  • To completely remove odors from your favourite carpet sprinkle some backing soda all over it. Let it stay that way overnight and vacuum thoroughly, in the morning. Remember to empty your vacuum cleaner bag, it will get full and heavy after the cleaning. Using this method you can also deodorize the vacuum cleaner, say tenancy cleaners. If you need any more information, you can check professionals’ websites.
  • To keep the air in the closet fresh place a box of backing soda on the shelf.
  • To eliminate all types of odors coming from your pet bedding you need to sprinkle it with backing soda, then wait several hours and vacuum thoroughly. You can also deodorize the cat box by using backing soda. After cleaning the box sprinkle backing soda on top, after some time the smell will be gone.
  • Smelly socks, because of smelly sneakers is something very embarrassing. Now you can get rid of this awful smell very easy and fast. You do not need to buy any expensive creams or sprays that you see on the TV. Just sprinkle some backing soda into them and shake a little, and let them sit that way for a while. Before wearing do not forget to shake them thoroughly, to remove any trace of powder.
  • You can also use backing soda to deodorize your baby’s stuffed toys. Collect them all in a big plastic bag and after that add some backing sod. Shake and let them sit overnight, in the morning move them out of the bag and brush off the powder. They will smell fresh and clean.

These are some effective and simple recipes that can be used in everyday life. However, if there are some stubborn and impossible to remove stains than you need to call end of tenancy cleaners services, they will help you with the cleaning job or do it instead of you.

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