Bathroom Microbes and How to Remove Them

Many consider the bathroom as one of the cleanest places. Unfortunately, they are wrong. In fact, the bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the entire house. It collects many microbes, favors mould and mildew growth and sometimes may cause serious health issues. Here are some of the most contaminated places in the bathroom where you can find entire colonies of bacteria and microbes.

According to end of tenancy cleaning London experts, the bathroom sink is more dangerous than the shower. It needs more adequate attention as billions of microbes prefer nesting there. Wipe clean the drain and around it with a soft paper towel. Next apply the cleaning detergent and leave to work for about 15-20 minutes. Scrub with a sponge and rinse the sink and the sponge with hot water. Do this at least once a day.

Do not forget about the bathtub. The modern bathtubs are made of porcelain and sometimes a combination of porcelain and chrome. Use liquid or non-abrasive cleaning detergents which do not contain acidic or alkaline substances, otherwise you may damage the surface. You can make your own cleaning products by mixing some baking soda, castile soap and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Apply the solution and leave to work for about 10 minutes, then scrub with a sponge and rinse well. Wipe dry and your bathtub will sparkle again. Doing this once a week will keep your bathtub clean, disinfected and germ-free.

Of course, the shower also keeps many microbes and it needs to be cleaned regularly. Always give a rinse of the tiles after taking a shower and wipe dry to avoid the humidity to attract mould and mildew spores. Use a cleaning agent once a week for extra disinfection and everything will be sparkling clean. Apply it on the tiles, shower head and taps, leave it to work for 10-15 minutes, scrub and rinse well. Then wipe dry, turn the fan on and leave the door open to decrease the humidity level and avoid mould and mildew growth.

These are some of the main hiding places of the microbes in the bathroom, according to a research of professional move out cleaners London. As you see, this place is not so clean as you think. It needs special attention and regular maintenance. If not, it may get dangerous and cause some really serious health issues to you and your family members. Regular cleaning is a must in any case, so do not neglect the home cleaning at all.

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