Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Bathroom is one the rooms that are more sensitive, when it comes to home cleaning. Simply because the area needs more work. It gets dirt really quickly and the work there should be done right away. Cleaning once a month, for example, won’t do the trick here. It needs more frequent actions like at least once a week or even more often.

Home cleaning is the process of putting our home places back in order and making them suitable for living. Negligence is not an option here.

The right time to clean the bathroom is right after a hot shower. All the dirt is loosened from the hot water and steam and this is the time for some action. With the help of a squeegee or a clean sponge, give the wall tiles one good wipe-down. Make sure the grout is also well cleaned. Most of the dirt and mildew starts development right there. Remove all the hair and soap scum built up around the drain entrance. Don’t let them dry out. After that take care of the sink. Again with the use of a wet cloth or sponge, use mild cream cleaner and apply. Leave like that for a couple of minutes and scrub with circular moves, but don’t press hard. It’s a good idea to go over the surface with sanitizer to be sure there is no bacteria left. But before you start with the actual cleaning of the sink it will be better to clean up the bathroom mirror first. Use specifically intended for that compound or a little bit of vinegar and water. After that wipe dry with a piece of old newspaper. Another thing that should be cleaned on a regular basis is, of course, the toilet bowl. Here you have to stress not only on the inside, but you have to look what is going on under the rim, as well. This is where most of the bacteria finds suitable environment for development. If it’s possible try to remove the lid and the seat so you can clean really nicely there. While you do that leave the cleaner of your choice to sit on the inside surface. As a finishing touch, you have to wash the toilet brush and disinfect the toilet handle.

Cleaning around the bathroom takes not more than a good 10 minutes of work. If you clean the way described above, every time you take a shower, the time could be significantly reduced. Another thing you should know, when it comes to home cleaning is that for stuff or areas you are not sure how to take care, you can rely on professional cleaners help. Services like carpet cleaning, spring clean-up or end of lease cleaning Melbourne offers, are just a few of many others that could be found.

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