Bangladesh – One Developing Country

I often think about the way the modern world functions and the perspectives in front of the young people. Do they have to work as hard as us to get what we already have or they will have to work less, or more? What would the world look like after few years and do the future people will have any alternatives, when they consider the direction the society and the human kind will develop? I also think about all the crisis, depressions, strikes and rebellions in the countries in South Africa, the wars in the middle east, the poverty and all the other troubles of the modern world. I ask my self “why is that happening? Can I change something? Why are we in this situation today?” And one more, last, question – if the people in more and more countries become poorer and poorer, the economics collapse and the employment grows every day, where all the money, that all these people were spending just the other day, are going?

Well, many people claim that the situation is good and there is nothing for us to be afraid of, but I do not believe them. Call Bangladesh for example and ask the people there, how they live. Many of them will tell you that they are not satisfied with their life. However, despite that, the prime minister of Bangladesh, said today in New York, that the country is stable and ready to host many foreign investors. I am sure that these investors will come in the country and that they will spend serious money there, which will make them even richer. However, the price of all this growth should be paid, because as we well know, there is no free lunch and I personally think, that local people will have to pay for it.

So, next time when you think about the way our “modern” world is developing, think about all the poverty around the world and the greediness involved in all the money making.

In order to learn more and to see the whole situation from a different point of view, simply make some cheap calls to Bangladesh and talk with the locals. Only they can tell you what their life looks like and what the big, rich, western companies did for them.

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