Bala Hissar, Afghanistan

Balla Hisar is an ancient fortress dating back to 5th century. Once it was a citadel, used by rulers. Maybe this was due to its highly favorable location – at the tail of a mountain, lowering its ranges at Kabul. Many are the stories its ruined walls could retell, mainly concerning the Afghanistan – British relations during the both wars conducted among the countries. Even though most of them are not quite pretty and reflect some bloodshedding battles among the two nations, they are worth mentioning for they determined the fortress final appearance, which could be observed nowadays. British armies, which appeared in Kabul predetermined the misfortune and the destruction of the great fortress. Once they arrived they overweighted the advantages of its strategical position and rigid construction and decided to station their troops in the citadel around 1839. The fact that they used it as their own barracks center was obviously not at the liking of the Afghanistan population. However the local response took place not earlier than 40 years later. The consequences were fatal. Afghan rebels decided to demonstrate their unrest against British rule and attacked their army, ending up killing them. The organized attack was believed to be led by the Afghanistan Liberation Organization. As a result the British sent an honored general called Roberts to manage the complicated situation. He was advised to level down the fortress. It turned out that due to a natural fire in the armory of the citadel a great explosion took place and the citadel was actually destroyed to a great extend. Currently its remains still serve as living memories of great times and historical moments. The fortress interestingly enough is still in use rather than being abandoned and forgotten. Today it houses the 55th Division of the Afghan National Army. Interesting phenomena is that the remnants of those days thanks, mine and bomb “craters” are still visible and present at the site – preserved as if not to spoil the historical image of this monumental place of wars, battles and ancient history. If you are to travel to Afghanistan do not forge to search for cheap international calls rates in order to keep in touch with your close ones.

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