Baking Soda Works Miracles with Ovens

One of the hardest things to clean in the kitchen is the oven. We spend so much time and effort trying to clean it, using a lot of chemical-based cleaning products. Most of these products are toxic and are harmful for our and our family’s health. This can be very dangerous, especially for small children. Some of this products can damage your skin, if not wearing gloves and can cause asthma or allergic reactions.

Fortunately, there is a better way to complete this task, without polluting the environment and air at home. Here are some tips recommended by tenancy cleaning services, that will help you to clean the oven with nothing but water and backing soda. It may sound impossible, when looking all these food stains on the oven surfaces, but this method is worth trying.

We need to learn to use environmentally friendly products instead of chemical products advertised by big cleaning companies, that are requiring powerful toxins for house cleaning. There are so many house-hold ingredients that are effective alternatives to these commercial solutions, like backing soda, it can work miracles with your oven and other kitchen fixtures.

To clean the oven effectively you need to sprinkle backing soda all over the bottom until it is covered completely. Then fill a spray bottle with water and spray the white powder until it is thoroughly damp, but be careful not to flood it. Now you need to wait, no scrubbing and no rubbing with sponges, the solutions will do everything. All you need to do is to spray it again if it is drying out or before going to bed. In the morning just wipe the oven surface with a sponge or clean cloth and you will remove all the grime. The last thing to do is to rinse out the white residue left by the backing soda.

This method suggested by end of tenancy cleaners services are natural and eco-friendly, they help us to keep the air and the environment at home clean and safe.

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