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Heathrow Airport Accommodations

April 3, 2012 | Posted in Travel

Heathrow Airport in London is a large, noisy maze-like place which can be a bit of a challenge to find your way around in, especially for the first-time Heathrow traveler. And getting to Heathrow in time to negotiate getting on your plane for an early flight can really be troublesome.

Railways in Small Towns

March 22, 2012 | Posted in Travel

We often like to think of big cities such as London and Manchester as the hub of railway services. And whilst they may be, small towns such as Braintree and Corby also have much to boast about too. To get to your Braintree hotel, the town has two main railway stations: Braintree and the Braintree …

Negotiating London’s Airports

March 20, 2012 | Posted in Travel

The city of London is served by 5 main airports – Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, City Airport and Gatwick. Which airport a visitor uses typically will depend on where the flight is coming in from or going to, or which airline one uses. Heathrow, the busiest London airport, has connections to scores of cities internationally, and …

A Few Alternatives in London

March 12, 2012 | Posted in Travel

While tourists of London, England, tend to flock to some of the more well known attractions such as Buckingham Palace, equal consideration should be given to the numerous opportunities that can be found throughout such a wonderful city.

Top 5 Cairngorm Hotels

March 5, 2012 | Posted in Travel

Need a holiday? But it’s the middle of winter. Surely it isn’t the time of year to be going away! Well, think again. Why not make the most of the recent snow instead of cowering away inside? Why not do something worthwhile and fun this winter?

Enjoying Local Bitters from Corby to Braintree

February 29, 2012 | Posted in Travel

In Medieval England, it was safer to drink beer than water. Indeed, this remained the state of affairs during much of English history. Thus, until the emergence of modern water purification techniques, beer and other alcoholic beverages were the wiser and healthier choice. In this context, a rich brewing tradition evolved throughout England. To this …

Memories of a City

February 29, 2012 | Posted in Travel

Having grown up in Liverpool, England, you would think that I would have a good understanding of what to visit on a trip to my birth place. Yet, this is not quite what happened when I was approached by a friend that was travelling there last year. The city has undergone such extensive construction that …

Christmas Donations

February 27, 2012 | Posted in Destinations

Christmas is usually the time of year that reminds us that it’s often important to give as much as we can to those who truly need it. Whilst the shops and hotels in Shrewsbury are glittering away with their tinsel decorations, the people of Shrewsbury have not forgotten the true meaning behind the holidays. Here …