Attention: How to Clean Your Tennis Shoes For 5 Minutes

What is one of the most interesting sports nowadays? Tennis, of course! Many people like the game. Some are so passionate about that start to practice it themselves. In case that you are one of these people, you will know how much money efforts and care you should put in such undertaking. You should train your body, purchase expensive equipment and spend even more money for lessons. The most negative aspect of the whole idea is only your equipment maintenance, and in particular your tennis shoe cleaning. As with all types of sport shoes, they get dirty and smelly very quickly. Furthermore, they are made of specific materials as white leather, which require special approach. One wrong step can cause irreversible damages. In order to limit this possibly fantastic clean team provide the following step on how to clean your white tennis shoes only for 5 minutes:
As a start take a clean cloth or rag and go over your entire shoes surface with it in order to remove as much of the dirt buildups as you can.
Moisten the cloth with pure warm water, and wring it out. Then with it on your tennis shoe. The professional cleaning services experts recommend you to use water with at lest a little bit high temperature , because it will soften the the soil accumulation and will make its removal easier.
Dab on the stubborn spots with a small amount of toothpaste, not gel, or mild liquid soap.
Take a small, useless toothbrush, immerse it in a warm water and treat the remaining with it.
Once more take a wet clean cloth and wipe your shoes with it in order to remove your cleaning solution residue.
After that dry with a clean towel and leave them to naturally air-dry.
Pour a small amount of a leather protector to a cloth, and go over your tennis shoes exterior with it. Now you can enjoy your shoes bright appearance.
Good luck!

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