Ask a Friend to Help You With the Cleaning

When you have no time to perform a proper cleaning all by your self but the good final result is essential and nothing but the best can satisfy you, then just ask someone to help you with the procedure. This way you will have an extra pair of hands and if you succeed to achieve synergy effect you will finish the work not twice faster but even quicker than that.

So, in order to reach your goal, there are several things you will have to consider and do before actually starting.

Decide who and where will clean. This way you will not be an obstacle for each other and therefore will you will be faster.
Important thing you have to know is that your cleaning have to follow one particular and strict order. You first have to start with the ceilings and move down to the carpet cleaning and the floor cleaning. Only this will to prevent you to clean the same thing twice. However, if you and your friend had decided to clean the rooms one after another, at the beginning one of you will have to stay and wait while the other is cleaning. The only way to avoid that is to start cleaning different rooms simultaneously.

The second part of the cleaning is the windows. They are not hard to be cleaned, but they need you to stretch a lot and there is always the danger to fall outside, so be very careful and do not act risky. Safety first, after all.

The carpets should be your next stop. Here your procedure have to start with some vacuum cleaning. This way you will get rid of the dust build ups and therefore the rest of the cleaning will be significantly easier.
Stain and smells removing – It may become a nightmare if you have no idea how to deal with this problem. Fortunately, if you are determined to achieve good results you can always go on the internet and read the tips, which carpet cleaning London professionals share there.

Your cleaning have to end up with cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. Those rooms you will use during the cleaning, so they have to be last.

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