Around the World in 80 Dishes

For foodie types, one of the best things about exploring the world is the chance to discover delicious new dishes and flavours. Fruits, vegetables and spices native to your destination can create who new taste experiences, and those who like to try new things will find endless opportunity for adventurous eating on excursions around the globe. Those brave enough to try the insects that are commonly fried and eaten in many Asian countries often find that these protein-packed snacks are less fearsome to eat than one might imagine, while those of a less daring nature will find that trying tamer local specialities can open up a whole new world of taste experiences. Greek mezze and Spanish tapas are both great ways to try a number of dishes in one setting, and are wonderful ways to get to know local specialities. Those of a sensitive persuasion should have a dictionary on hand, however, as some of those seemingly inoffensive options on the menu may turn out to involve such acquired tastes as offal. In off the beaten track locations such as Azerbaijan, the delicately spiced dishes reflect the country’s history of Soviet and Arab occupation, and the dishes here are often very appealing to Western tastes.

A Baku hotel is a great place to stay for those interested in discovering the local cuisine, as many have excellent hotel restaurants, and/or knowledgeable staff who can point guests in the direction of restaurants serving good local food.

For those who suspect that the food of an ex-Soviet nation may be less than delicious, a trip to Baku can offer some pleasant culinary surprises, with spiced meat, rice and vegetable dishes that will be appealing to carnivores and vegetarians alike.

Hotels in Baku are well equipped to deal with the needs of tourists who need a hand in discovering the local dining scene, and visitors here should never need to visit the many pizza restaurants in order to find something palatable. On the contrary, the local food may look unfamiliar, but it is so delicious that it is part of the considerable appeal of a break in Baku.

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