Are Oven Cleaners Meant to be Female?

If you try googling a picture of stove cleaning you will have no problem in finding dozens of those. What will strike most people, though, is the fact that there are no pictures of male cleaners involved in that process. I guess this is due to the fact that even in the contemporary society things have not changed that much and women are supposed to be the ones spending their lifetime in the kitchen even when working full time. Well not anymore, as most of them prefer to use oven cleaners Longfield than to invest money and nerves in doing that complicated and heavy duty work themselves.

In fact, most of the professional cleaners from the agencies providing those type of services are men exactly because huge strength is sometimes necessary to remove the grease, resedue and food spills that are stuck on the internal side of your oven. That means that the reality is quite contradictory to the world created in the internet space and men have started to perform some housecleaning activities.

This is understandable as in such cases when your stove, electric hobs and extractor have not been wiped down regularly and need more attention all you can do is book someone with professional steam cleaning equipment and industrial chemicals to clean it. Any woman no matter how strong she is will feel physically challenged to carry such equipment not to mention to work with it.

So the main conclusion so far is that men are not only better in cooking( using the kitchen appliances for their purpose) but better in cleaning afterwards as well. Even reputed oven cleaning Sussex Littlehampton companies prefer to hire male personnel so they can perform better services and provide more satisfying results. So the image of a woman cooking and cleaning the kitchen is only a stereotype that society is trying to imply. The same as only men drinking beer in every advertisment.

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