Anti-Allergies Cleaning Tips

The main reason for allergies in most cases is domestic dust. To have an allergy is quite an unpleasant problem, which can cause you a lot of other troubles. You can even die, if you don’t take the needed measures on time. But how can we prevent the unlocking of allergies?

Regular housecleaning is the only prevention against this health issue. Even Cleaner London can confirm that. So here are a few anti-allergies cleaning tips:

  • Vacuum and dust every day. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to vacuum, and clean it after every vacuuming. Don’t dust with a feather duster, but use a microfibre cloth. If you do vice versa, you will push a big part of the dust back into the air.
  • Change the filters of your air-conditioners and humidifiers once a month. They also hold a lot of dust, and blow it back into the air if not maintained right.
  • Ventilate your washing machine and clothes dryer every time you finish using them. They accumulate a lot of moisture and might start growing mould. Not to mention the bad odour that they might start emitting.
  • Use professional deep cleaning services for your carpets once on every six months. There are dust mites stuck deep in their fibres, which you can’t reach with your cleaning equipment. Specialists can with theirs, though. Plus professional carpet cleaning refreshes the colours of your rugs.
  • Always check for mould affected areas in your house and clean them. Don’t use store products for this purpose, as they contain toxic elements which might provoke your allergies. Use plain white distilled vinegar, instead.

These tips can help you block allergies, but mind that it is not enough to follow only them to live a healthy life. You must clean your place thoroughly every week, removing all of the dirt and garbage. It is even recommended to maintain your garden, too. So, do not wander too much, but get to work.

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