An Authentic Cuban Tourist Experience

Cuba, this exotic location, situated in the Caribbean basin, is a world famous tourist destination with its tropical beaches, unique feel and appearance, the authentic local lifestyle and the welcoming locals attract visitors from all over the world. Havana, the Cuban capital is a must visit destination, it happens to be the biggest city in the Caribbean and offers tourists a mixture of native and modern lifestyle and custom.

The old Havana City is the gateway to the Mexican gulf and is unique both historically and architecturally, the cultural value of the old capital is so high, that in nineteen eighty two UNESCO had declared as a world heritage site, protected by international laws and regulations. Visiting tourists can enjoy so many things while in Cuba, as long as they behave that is. As all people know Cuba has only recently become opened to the world and the country is also quite different to the western world or the commercial tourist destinations. Should you need to call Cuba from another country in Europe, check with your service provider first, many telecoms can tailor you an individual plan in case you are a frequent caller to Cuba or the Caribbean basin.

Besides the Havana Old City, there are also a few other places that are a must visit destination in Cuba. For starters, take El Templete, this is a neoclassical building from the mid eighteen hundreds which has witnessed the first church mass in Cuba, this is a very popular place with the locals and every sixteenth of November, locals gather to pay tribute and mass. Another culture and architecture rich place to go is Parade Square, this is one of the oldest places on the island and there one can look at and admire a large pottery collection from a few centuries back. Good hotels and convenient accommodation are widely available in Havana, if you have a favourite hotel, make the booking fast and confirm with a phone call Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean islands are arguably the most idyllic tropical tourist locations in the world.

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