Amazing Model Ships at the Docklands Museum

As long as ships have sailed the seas and there were small boys to watch the behemoths disembark, there has been a romantic relationship between young people who have grown older but never lost their fascination with all of the ships that sails the seven seas. There appears to be an inbuilt predisposition to sit in awe as ships come and go, and imagine what it would be like to board the boat and simply sail away with the crew. For those of us who actually live in the real world, where this isn’t possible, sometimes a trip to see a model shop collection gives us the fix we need.

There are still societies in London who support the dying art of model shipbuilding, but you can view those that have already been completed and fit a historical timeline at the Museum of London Docklands. There’s little room for ship building kits on the desks of young men which are now crowded with computers and electronic gadgets, but there are a few whose parents have instilled the same love for the ships and sea into them. While there are larger model collections out there, these types will really enjoy what the Docklands museum has to offer.

They have a basic collection of steamers and sailing vessels and although a full typology has not been completed, many of the most popular ship models are represented. The National Maritime Museum and Science Museum have more complete collections but they don’t have nearly as much information about the historical events that have occurred in the ship companies that used to make the Docklands home.

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