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Nowadays, green cleaning is gaining popularity every days. People are realizing how important is to keep the nature clean and protected from toxin and chemicals. It is true that we cannot do a lot, but we can at least try to do the best we can, at our homes. Nobody wants to live in a world with polluted air and environment, where people are the reason why nature and animals are dying.

The best we can do at home is to replace all commercial chemical-based cleaning solutions that are harmful for our and our family’s health. There are a lot of household all-purpose cleaning solvents that are effective alternatives to all these dangerous products. Most of you probably do not know but, these detergents that you buy form the store can cause asthma and a lot of allergic reactions and respiratory problems, and this can be vital for small children and pregnant women, that is why it is very important what air you are breathing at home, where you spend most of the time, during the day.

Some of the most common household ingredients are baking soda, white distilled vinegar, fresh lemon juice and salt. But there are also some not so common things that you can use while doing the domestic cleaning. One of them is vodka.

It seems that this type of rubbing alcohol has more usefulness to it than just getting people inebriated. The following tips and advices will help you to use vodka for more than only drinking. When not knowing how to clean up vomit stains, or if you run out of mouthwash, all these life’ little problems, that you have to deal with, wondering which are the best house cleaners to use.

To remove your bandages painlessly, you should saturate the bandage with vodka before using it, and this will then dissolve the adhesive.

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