Alton Towers: A Potentially Fantastic Location for a School Trip

Being someone with more than a little teaching experience, I understand the parent-pupil-teacher relationship more than most people. One of the frequently and dreaded recurring issues raised by parents when their child is excited about an upcoming trip is how much educational value can they expect for their money. If it’s a museum, this question more than usually answers itself. Theme parks, however, inevitably and understandably raise more than just a few eyebrows.

It’s no secret that some subject merit more field experience than others. A subject like English, for instance, whilst being my subject, I struggle to think of good places to visit other than the obvious attractions like The Globe Theatre or Shakespeare’s house, which are probably worthy of more historical merit than literary. But the problem with these places is, that no matter how well-presented the information is, or however child-friendly it is, it just simply won’t keep their attention. I don’t expect a seventeen year-old, let alone a twelve year-old to have the attention span or interest necessary to absorb great chunks of contextual information about the life of Shakespeare, even if it’s in such a significant place as the Globe Theatre or even his own house. As I was cruising through some web pages in the search of Alton Towers hotel offers, I couldn’t hep but stumble upon an article that gave me cause to hesitate and read. It was written by another teacher, of business, leisure and tourism, who had recently attended a faculty school trip to Alton Towers and was positively raving about how unexpectedly good it was. He mentioned about how friendly and hospitable the staff are, how obviously well experienced they are with explaining things to children, and not to mention the educational richness of the whole experience. I couldn’t believe it, but suggested it to the department out of sheer curiosity.

I was surprised with how seriously they took this option; the next thing I knew, we were there and getting off the coach to be greeted by the educational staff of the park. Perhaps for the younger ones we will have to consider one of the many Legoland breaks available.

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