All About Non-Binding Estimates

Non-binding estimates tend to be more common than binding estimates by moving services who voluntarily offer moving quotes. Such movers need to be contacted to provide precise pricing for a moving job. Both types of estimates binding and non-binding follow a specific set of rules and regulations set by the FMCSA. If you want to learn more for the non-binding estimates read on.

Movers don’t charge consumers for a quote or a non-binding estimate, they aren’t a contract or bid. They represent to be a commercial document stating how much will the consumer have to pay, approximately. Simply said the consumer doesn’t bind himself with the moving company in any sort, which is why the price for the actual process can change depending on the course. In more cases the final cost for the job is more than the one estimated in the beginning.


Non-binding estimates have to be written accurately describing all the services and the shipment. The charges must be on the bill of landing and the service order.


Unless the mover indicates the amount estimated on each form don’t sign or accept the service bill or order of landing.


A reasonably accurate non-binding estimated must be provided based on the services the company and you think are required and on the weight of the shipment.


Movers indicate in the non-binding estimate that the price and charges aren’t accurate and can change due to some variables. Either shipment or moving services the mover has to clearly describe them if they are going to be provided.


When moving make sure everything is stated clearly, if there are some belongings which are missed in the non-binding estimate the moving company can clearly refuse you service. To ensure such misunderstandings don’t appear during the moving process work out an agreement before the start of the shipment.

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