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More and more people prefer to hire a moving company which will help them relocate their household without much inconveniences. Yet many of them aren’t aware of the little side doors which moving services have. Because of that people are left with the impression that moving companies make up things or do it intentionally to skin more money from them. That isn’t the case, consumers aren’t aware of their incompetence because of which they suffer. With this article I will explain more about binding estimates which less moving services offer today.

If you are wondering why less moving companies offer binding estimates is because of the price won’t exceed from what was estimated at the beginning. It’s simple and easy to understand, if the actual weight of the shipment is more than what was stated in the in the original estimate you won’t more, you will pay the amount which was quoted in the prenup. On the other hand you will pay less the actual weight is less than the written estimate. To sum it up you will never pay more than what the original quoted price is. However you can pay less if you shipment is less than what it was originally written in the estimate. Unlike a non-binding estimate the price quoted in the estimate is the amount you pay, no matter if your shipment is more than the estimated amount.


The binding has to clearly describe all the services and shipment the moving company will provide. If the consumers has asked the company to provide extra services they will have to separately bill him for them.


When the consumer agrees to a binding estimate the payment can be done depending on the policy which the moving company operates by. That would be cash, with a certified check, or with a cashier’s check at the time of delivery. If the consumer fails to pay by in any way possible the moving company is entitled to keep his belongings in storage. The fee for which be his responsibility along with the moving bill.


In the estimate has to be clearly stated that it’s binding with the mover. With that also it has to be included the moving services which the consumer will be charged for and for any additional services he will be separately billed.

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