Abstract Reasoning Test

A common intelligence test as a rule is designed to assess the testee’s abilities when it comes to solving problems, reasoning, forming concepts and comprehending. These skills determine how well we succeed – at least in matters of academics and in many fields of employment.

Any given intelligence test used be schools and universities as a part of their admittance testing, by career counselors and as a part of pre-employment screening will contain questions designed to determine one’s aptitude in abstract reasoning and analogies, spatial reasoning, verbal analogies and syllogisms. An abstract reasoning test for example is designed to assess the ability to perceive relationships, an analogies test to measure one’s analytic abilities. Especially in career counseling, an intelligence and aptitude test might also contain some question regarding a person’s personal intelligence. The psychological characteristics looked for could be as basic as seeing if the testee is more introvert or extrovert, to help decide if he/she will do better working out in the public or in a back office.

The focus on these tests is on “academic intelligence”, with little attention given to other talents and aptitudes. Nowadays it is understood, however, that there are many areas in which mental and physical qualities can show. This is described as the so-called “multiple intelligence”. The person that absolutely shines in figuring number sequences might do very poorly even catching a ball, or have a very hard time interacting with others. Someone might show great intuitive aptitude, another person just have “a knack” in dealing with others and prove great emotional intelligence. None of this intelligences should be considered “less” than the others.

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