Absolute Cleanness is Impossible

Absolute perfection! How does it look like? Can it be achieved and if that is possible what kind of inhuman efforts will be involved in the procedure?

In order to explain better my point I will give you a simple example of a man who tried to achieve ideal and unquestionable cleanness.

During my years in collage I was living in the same room with a man literally obsessed by cleaning and healthy environment. My first meeting with my roommate’s total craziness about cleaning and disinfecting was during the first hour we spent together in our new accommodation. He went crazy when I shook his hand when we were knowing each other. He spent 10 minutes in the bathroom cleaning his hands. After that he didn’t use the tower hanging there but one of his own, and after that he put it in the laundry. He kept doing that for 2 years while we lived together. Each day he was using a newly cleaned towel and at the end of the day he was throwing it in the laundry.

The things got rally serious when we started our pre tenancy cleaner procedure. This is when he got really crazy.

According to his words everything in this room was dirty and if he didn’t deal with it all, he might die because of an infection caused by the dirtiness.

He started with the ceilings. Firstly he vacuum cleaned them and then he got out a special disinfecting cleaning solution and sprayed everywhere with it. Then he cleaned the windows, the walls and the carpets. These four things took him a day and a half to clean. And he was not even entered the bathroom yet. This small area took him another whole day. He wanted everything perfectly clean. The he asked me to clean the whole bathroom each time I was getting a shower. I had no other opportunity but to do it.

It got really unbearable when he decided that no pre tenancy cleaners could help him and he had to clean everything, always by himself. This was not normal. This continued for 2 full years, when it got too much for me and I moved away.

So, if you think you that are obsessed with cleanness, believe me, you are not. And as it appeared, absolute perfection is not possible, not in this world.

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