A Waiter’s Tips

Many of the known people around the world – actors, writers, sport stars, admit that they had a period of life when they used to work like a waiter or a waitress in a restaurant. It is a good way to earn money for everyday use, because you get tipped a lot every day in addition to your main salary. Waiters have many tricks up their sleeves. Here are some of them.

Most waiters rely on getting good tips in order to earn money, mainly because waiter’s salary isn’t very high. To do this waiters go to great extends, beyond the typical understanding that they take orders, bring the meals, and clean the dishes.

First of all the a middle class restaurant, about 3 stars, has waiters cleaning and preparing it for work before the work day starts. They polish the silverware, clean the tables, mop the floors, clean spider webs, dust off. Their knowledge of cleaning is to a part as big as a professionals in a cleaning company like cleaners Wallington. If everything in the restaurant sparkles – the customers are happy and the tips are high, right ? Not. Usually customers don’t pay for great looks of a restaurant’s interior or the good taste of food – these things work for the restaurant’s name and respect. The tip goes to the waiter’s personality so to speak, the way he serves. It’s more trickier than it looks.

The waiter has to know the time it takes for each dish to prepare. This way he can manipulate which dish is a priority and which can wait, he also knows the ingredients and preparation methods of all meals. If a person has allergies or other disorders, or specific tastes, the waiter must be able to describe  the cooking process and answer any questions. Sometimes he asks th customer what way does he want his meal to be prepared.

Usually the waiter stands between the hammer and the anvil, first being the customer and the second one – kitchen and bar. The first ones have tastes, likings, and preferences, whereas seconds have possibilities, routines and ability. It is the waiters job to know likely tastes of the customer and compare them to the kitchens possibilities in order to satisfy the customers and to avoid pissing off the kitchen staff when you ask them to do something extraordinary, especially if it’s not in the menu. It is a good idea to be on friendly terms with the kitchen staff. Sometimes the chef might give you some advice on how the meal is served, others – you may ask him to prepare something special that he can do, but it is not on the menu, or to add something to the meal that the recipe does not include. These small things matter to the customer.

So far I have been calling the client – customer, but it is not a correct term. The correct one is a guest. This males you view the person you are serving, well – more personal. Not friendly like “pall” or “dude”, but like a person you would accept in your home.

There is much more that I can share on the topic, but I think you get the general idea. The job of a waiter is not as easy as many, but the more I live, I realize that there are no easy things. There are things that people do with ease though – some clean, like cleaners Wallington I mentioned earlier, others – bookkeeping, waiters, builders. When you do something with ease you’ve got to like it. And vice versa.


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