A Simple and Effective Daily Cleaning Routine

Most people leave cleaning tasks for the weekend. But weekends are the time when you are supposed to get some rest and relax after the busy week at work. If you don’t want cleaning tasks to consume all of your weekend time, you should do some simple cleaning jobs every day. This will help you keep your house clean longer.
Here is a sample daily “to-do” list to help you keep your home in good shape, suggested by Parsons Green cleaners:

  1. Do the dishes – No matter if you have a dishwasher or not, you should wash the dishes every day. Maybe you’ve never seen what happens to a sinkful of dishes left to sit, but it isn’t pretty. Smells, stains, and odd fungal growth usually go with forgotten dirty dishes. Cleaning dishes daily is the best choice all around.
  2. Do the laundry – If you do a regular load of laundry every one or two days, you won’t have to spend a whole day in the laundry room during the weekend.
  3. Tidy up - A few minutes of picking up each day also prevent your home from turning into a battlefield that will take hours to plow through. A tidy room makes a big difference in our motivation to tackle bigger projects. Use the 15 Minute Cleanups as a daily help to keep your main rooms ready for visitors.
  4. Vacuum clean – Vacuuming should be done at least three times a week especially if you have pets or small children. If you don’t vacuum regularly, Dirt and pet fur can get stuck deep between your carpet fibers and get much harder to remove. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to vacuum your carpet regularly, consider using carpet cleaning Parsons Green services to keep your carpet looking great all the time.
  5. Take trash out – This should be done as often, as possible. Trash is normally full of germs and bacteria and has no place inside your house. This is also a good assignment for your kids to involve them in the cleaning process.

If you follow those simple steps, you will soon be enjoying a much cleaner home – a cozy place to relax during the weekends.

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