A Scottish Wedding

Last weekend I had the unusual pleasure of attending an ethnic wedding, a Scottish wedding to be more precise. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but as a small-minded Englishman, I certainly had my preconceptions. The groom though, to be honest, isn’t exactly Scottish. He does have Scottish blood, but only a fraction, as I think it’s one of his grandparents was Scottish, or something like that. English people are funny like that; as soon as they discover that they are somehow partially ethnic in one way or another, they will always try and play that up and milk it as much as they can. Take St. Patrick’s day, for example. It’s supposed to be a day for the Irish to celebrate their history and have their heritage recognised. In England, only a fraction of the revellers of St. Patrick’s day are actually Irish; most of them are English people who have suddenly remember that their great-great-great-uncle, Paddy McGuiness, or something equally ridiculous.

So, ranting aside, I was in Scotland to attend my best friend’s wedding as best man. The groom had explained to me that after attending so many similar wedding ceremonies of his friends, he wanted his own wedding to be a little different, hence the Scottish theme and setting. So, he looked over the deals for hotel breaks Scotland and eventually settled on a truly fantastic, five-star palace – the perfect venue for the reception afterwards.

Yes, they did wear kilts. No, I didn’t, thank God. Yes, the bride and groom did walk the aisle to the drone of bagpipes, which was certainly different. No, they didn’t have haggis in the buffet. In fact, I actually felt embarrassed for being English, though I quickly realised that very few of the guests were Scottish at all, which made the occasion all the more ridiculous. Whilst I don’t think I’ll have be having my own wedding in Scotland, I do think that I would definitely like to come back here to see whatever short breaks Scotland can offer me.

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